Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

We stand behind our work. 
Unlike other online businesses that don’t even give you a phone number or address, Ktmupgrades has more experience than anyone else in the industry. Since 2013 we have been the leading motorcycle wraps company in INDIA and it shows. We ensure every standard is held at it’s highest. We use the highest resolution graphics, the most cutting edge materials, and create some of the most custom looks for our customers.

Does it cover the entire body work of the bike?

Yes, The decal kits, they are full wraps that cover the entire body work. Your bike DOES NOT have to be painted a base color or primer color first. Each kit includes pieces for the tank, tail, upper fairings, and lower fairings.

How long will it last?

They are warranted for 2 years by 3M against fading and peeling with proper installation.

Will it come off if I pressure wash it? 

These DO NOT have a tendency to peel off from pressure washing. They have a stronger Glue for High Pressure washing and Intense Sun Heat.

Does it look like paint? 
Ktmupgrades wraps are printed on 3M  Controltac or Scotchlite w/3M 8518 gloss laminate. This offers the thinnest material which makes it easier to conform to curves and also provides the highest gloss possible on vinyl graphics. The quality of the print and shine could be compared to clear coated paint. These can also be special ordered in a matte finish upon request.
Can I order in matte finish?

Yes, Ktmupgrades is now shipping orders in matte finish upon request.

How does the wrap conform around tight curves?

The material is also engineered to have a low retention of “memory” which allows it to conform to body work and stay when pressed into air ducts, etc. Also the kit comes in sections which allow relief areas for the tail and gas tank. For instance the tank is made up of one top piece and two side pieces which is ideal for fitting shapes with a very tight radius.

How easy is it to install?

With a little patience after watching our install videos, you and a friend should be able to handle it in less than one weekend.Don’t forget, The product wouldn’t even work if it was like the normal thick vinyl you get for dash kits, or decals.

What if I mess up on the install?

If a customer damages one panel, Ktmupgrades will let you reorder individual pieces at a reduced price. Remember, we want your bike to look good, and tell people about us.
How do I find someone or a company locally to professionally install the wrap?

The easiest way to find someone is to search online or the Yellow Pages for vinyl sign shops. Most of the time if they do not install wraps, they will be able to direct you to another shop that does. In most larger cities you should be able to find a shop that specializes in installing auto wraps. You’ll want to get a couple quotes first and a guarantee on the work. Most installers will charge 350-700 Rupees for the installation.

Will Ktmupgrades install the wrap for me?
Ktmupgrades does installations in the Amreli, Gujarat area as well as having customer recommended installers we work with nationwide . Pricing and availability are subject to change so please feel free to call or email for scheduling and estimates (7016822274)