KTM RC 125 / 200 / 390 Hazard Lights Adapter


The hazard light Adapter

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  • No Wires Cut, device is plug and play, connects directly into the alarm connector on KTM Duke 125 / 200 / 390
  • No Additional Switch required, can be activated/deactivated using the existing indicator switch
  • Now with over 31 user select able Hazard patterns, once selected the pattern is stored in memory
  • Completely waterproof design for regular use
  • Safe and easy to install, no warranty issue
Installation instructions:
  1. Locate the alarm connector, it is usually hidden behind the fuse holder under the pillion seat.
  2. Remove the existing plug on the connector and instead connect the Hazard light device. Done!
  1. Turn on the ignition with the ignition key. The wait for at least 5 seconds.
  2. To enable the hazard turn the indicator to right and let it flash once then disable the indicator. Then quickly turn the indicator to left and then disable it.
  3. The Hazards will now switch on, once the hazard is on press the button on the device marked as a black dot to change between effects.
  4. To Switch the Hazard off use the indicators as normal and it will disable the Hazard effect.